Zagreb is Croatia's capital, as well as a business center, university center, city of culture, art and entertainment.

Springing up from two medieval settlements - Kaptol and Gradec, which form the core of the old Upper Town, it is a true Central European city and with the surrounding settlements it has about one million inhabitants. The old Baroque nucleus is woven from old stone streets and buildings, many churches, a magnificent cathedral with modern shops, cosy cafes and restaurants. Have a ride on the Zagreb’s blue tram or walk down the longest street in Zagreb - Ilica, climb up the funicular to the Upper Town and visit the Lotroscak tower, St. Mark's Church, Kamenita vrata, museums and galleries... A large number of green oases and walks, numerous excursion sites in beautiful surroundings, monuments and sacred objects make it a pleasant place to live in and a city tailored to fit every man. Located at the foot of the Medvednica mountain, which hosts two FIS ski races, there is a sports and recreation center on Lake Jarun with regatta races and the tennis tournament Zagreb Indoors; all this makes Zagreb a city recognized for its world-renowned sporting events.

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