Guess what?

Yes, guess what? We at the MR&MRSesterhaus production believe we know quite a lot, that we've been through a lot, our skin is tough. But that's not the half of what lays ahead.

We offer you breathtaking locations, competitive rates, excellent crews, best gear and know-how. And all that matched with our vast experience, gathered from numerous TV commercials and feature films we have worked on, and - of course – the unbearable likeability we possess.

Location references

...all within 200 miles from each other

Location scout, line producer
Ivana Hausknecht
+385 (0)98 1753 861

Location Manager, production manager
Jurica Ester
+385 (0)91 9722 196






Medveščak 6
10000 Zagreb
+385 (0)1 468 3340