Peljesac peninsula is located opposite the island of Korcula.

The beautiful sandy and pebble beaches sheltered from the wind, plenty of sunshine and good eno-gastro offer from the Pelješac vineyards (famous wine Dingac and Plavac...) make this island a true leisure and shooting hot-spot. Peljesac offers various possibilities, surfing (an ideal position in the Peljesac channel), sailing, diving... Of course, it is possible to experience the wonderful natural surroundings on the hiking trails, especially on the highest Peljesac peak - Sv. Ilijah (961 m). And brave flyers can go leap of the high slopes of Sv. Ilija [Elijah], enjoying the flight and beautiful views of the Peljesac channel, many islands, Korcula, Mljet and Lastovo.

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...all within 200 miles from each other

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