The beauty of the autochthonous popular culture is preserved in the villages around the largest town in Lika below Velebit - Gospić. The foundation of the present city consists of two Turkish towers and an old bridge around which, during the period of Vojna krajina (the Military Frontier), the town core developed into the administrative, military and cultural centre. The beautiful surroundings of Gospić, which include the National Park Northern Velebit and Velebit Nature Park, offer numerous possibilities for sports and recreation (horseback riding, paintball, Velebit safari, archery, canoeing through the Lika canyon, hunting, fishing…). In the vicinity of Gospić, in the village of Smiljan, you can visit a Multimedia Centre dedicated to Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors in the world, born in that very village. Mlinice, on the beautiful river Gacka, are remnants of traditional constructions on water and traditional trades and form a special tourist attraction.Traditional entertainment and art events are held throughout the year - the Gospić Carnival, the Gospić Musical Summer, Summer in Lika, the Painting Annals and the Bikers’ Days.

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