Slavonija and Baranja

The largest urban centre in Slavonia is Osijek and is dominated by a famous fortress. In a similar way, Slavonski Brod is also dominated by the largest baroque fortress in Europe that was built in the 18th century. As the largest Slavonian metropolis and a university town, Osijek is at the same time a town that has nurtured two Croatian Nobel prize winners: Ružička and Prelog. If you are interested in Slavonian castles, then for the beginning, start from the palace at Požega and Pejačević castle in Našice, then go on to the baroque buildings Prandau Mailath and Prandau Normann in Valpovo and at Donji Miholjac you can reach the baroque castle of Eltz in Vukovar, as well as the Odeschalchi renaissance castle in Ilok where the famous Italian Franciscan Ivan Kapistran was buried. For horse lovers, there is the famous Lipizzaner horse farm, where Lipizzaner horses have been bred  since 1806.


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