Cres, along with Krk, is the largest Adriatic island, and a real challenge for nature lovers because it is a treasure trove of plant and animal life, with an exceptionally large number of endemic species. Cres is also host to one of the last habitats of a very rare bird - the griffon vulture.

For those who like staying in natural surroundings, accommodation is available in private apartments and campsites, right on the coast. There are also several diving centres here and the Vrana fresh water lake is the island’s natural phenomenon. The level of the lake is above the level of the surrounding sea and its base is lower than sea level, at a depth of 74 m.Lubenice, Osor, Beli and Cres are idyllic places for fans of rural and medieval architecture, eco-projects and interesting festivals.
The island is also a sailor’s paradise - regattas are held here every year - including the World, European, Mediterranean, Croatian and Adriatic Championships.

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