For already two millennia, the fortress at Klis has been the key to Dalmatia and the true altar of the homeland. As a result, Klis is one of the largest and most important fortresses in the whole of Croatia. As a silent witness of Croatia’s turbulent history and a symbol of the struggle against the Ottomans, it is an ideal place for a history and geography class in the open air. Located on the steep cliff above Split, it offers an unforgettable panorama with a wonderful view of Split, Solin, Kaštela and the islands of Brač, Šolta, Hvar and Vis. In the oldest part of Klis, at the bottom of the fortress itself, there is a parish church. It is a one hundred year old basilica with three knaves of monumental dimensions, and a richly engraved fresco with biblical and historical motifs, depicting the history of the nation and Klis. Only ten kilometres from Klis is the jewel of the Dalmatian karst underground world - Vranjač cave (surrounded by fantastic decorations and underground halls).

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