Samobor is a small town in the north of Croatia, 20 kilometres away from the Croatian capital and 5 km from the Slovenian border.

It is located on the slopes of the Samobor mountains, at the entrance to the romantic valley of Gradna stream. This is a medieval town of Baroque architecture, surrounded by a wide mountain range from the town of Okic to Plesivica, Ostrca and Japetic to Zumberak. There is the especially attractive Anin dol and Grgosova spilja, the most beautiful caves in north-western Croatian. This picturesque town with its preserved city centre has a long excursion and tourist tradition and is the cradle of mountaineering in Croatia. Samobor Carnival, the largest tourist event, attracts an increasing number of visitors from Zagreb every year, and its surroundings are a favorite place for them to visit. And at the festivities, asides from eating the donuts, eat the famous Samobor custard slices, garlic-sausages with mustard and drink the sweet “bermet”.

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