Karlovac – a city on four rivers (Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica, Dobra) is 55 km from the capital, and its favourable position at the intersection of major thoroughfares make it suitable for a short break on a journey towards the sea. However, it also an attractive destination for relaxation and entertainment. Formerly known as Karlstadt, it was built in the 16th century for defensive purpose against the Turkish conquerors and is a unique urban centre that takes the form of a six-pointed star. There are definitely things to be seen in Karlovac: the old town of Dubovac that was built in the 13th century, the Town Museum, Church of Presveto Trojstvo [Holy Trinity] and the Franciscan monastery with a gallery, the town’s theatre Zorin dom and some of the galleries. At the feudal fair in Dubovac, old crafts, customs and games are presented with dishes that are prepared according to old recipes.

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