The Buje Region stretches from the river Mirna to the river Dragonja, which also marks the border line with the Republic of Slovenia. This is an area with wavelike hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and fields sprinkled with oak, cerris and pine woods and Mediterranean meadows with wild thyme and fir trees and a karst belt full of interesting geological pheNamena. Situated on top of a hill at 222 m above sea level, the small town of Buje dominates the surrounding green terrace-like fields. Due to its strategic location it is called «The Watchman of Istria». Buje is surrounded by numerous hills which were settled already during the Bronze Age by various tribes and during the Iron Age the Histrians came to their prehistoric settlements. With the foundation of Roman Reign the region becomes Agro della Cononia di Trieste which was annexed to the region "Venetia et Histria".

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