The city of Cakovec is located in the very geographic centre of Medjimurje. Thirteenth century annals record a wooden Cakov tower as the precursor to the present town and its name.

In the 16th century, the famous Croatian noble family Zrinski developed the tower into an unconquerable and lavish water castle by which a free royal town developed.In the green shelter of the gardens, the historical heart of the city, which comprises the Zrinski Fortress, the Franciscan monastery with the Church of St. Nicholas, the baroque complex and the secessionist palace, was preserved. Today’s town of Cakovec, which developed around the historical core in the very centre of Medjimurje County, counts 20,000 inhabitants, and boasts a complete infrastructure, city park horticulture, active economy and rich cultural offer. Besides the historical centre, guests can also enjoy a rich gastronomic offer, sports facilities and attractive events throughout the year. In 2008, Cakovec was declared the most beautifully landscaped town of continental Croatia in the Zeleni cvijet (Green Flower) Project.

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